Spiti Road Trip

Explore Spiti Valley with the help of your local guide. A combination of comfort and experience this trip is ideal for new age travellers.

A one of a kind Spiti trip which is a mix of comfort and experience curated to cater to the needs of a new age traveler. Travel through high mountain passes,  go offroading on a river bed, visit some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries of the world, send postcards from the highest post office, try some local food, live in a local homestay and enjoy a wonderful cultural experience by getting a close look into the life of people at such a high altitude. Some of the places you shall cover are only accessible through summers and cut off from the world for around 4-5 months of the year during winters.

Places Covered

Manali, Atal Tunnel, Chatru, Batal, Kunzum Pass, Lohsar, Kaza, Key, Khibber, Chicham bridge, Lahlung, Dhankar, Tabo, Pin Valley (Mudh), Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Chandrataal Lake

Trip Dates

19-25 June

14-20 August

2-8 October



Stay & Meals (Breakfast and Dinner)

Local lunch experience at Cafe Piti

Local experienced driver

Local Guide

Local coordinator

Trip Cost

INR 18200/- per person (ex. 5% GST)


Day Plan

Travel time

Day 1

Reach Manali before 12 noon and rest (acclimatisation day)

Day 2

Manali to Kaza via Atal Tunnel and Kunzum pass

7-8 hrs

Day 3

Kaza to Key, Khibber and back

2-3 hrs

Day 4

Kaza to Dhankar via Tabo and Pin Valley

5-6 hrs

Day 5

Dhankar to Kaza via Demul, Komic, Hikkim & Langza

5-6 hrs

Day 6

Kaza to Chandrataal via Lohsar and Kunzum Pass

5-6 hrs

Day 7

Chandrataal to Manali via Atal Tunnel/Rohtang Pass

7-8 hrs

Day 1: Reach Manali and rest

Reach Manali in the morning from Delhi/Chandigarh after an overnight journey and check-in to the hotel. You will be free to do whatever you want on this day, but the most important thing is to relax and acclimatise and not over exert.

We will hold a small briefing session along with the guide this evening. This will also be a good time for you to get acquainted with the rest of the group. We suggest you call it an early night as your body needs proper rest for the long journey ahead. We will be leaving very early the next day, proper rest will help you in acclimatising.

Things to do today: Visit Manu, Hidimba and Vashisth temples. Go for a walk in the national park, relax in the cafes around old Manali, catch up on last minute shopping, briefing with the guide in the evening


Day 2: Manali to Kaza via Atal Tunnel and Kunzum Pass

Today we head to Spiti valley which will take around 7-8 hours (approx. 190 kms), if everything goes as planned. We leave in the morning as we have a long way to go and cross the Atal Tunnel. The tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world at 9km above 10000 ft. Spend some time after you cross the tunnel as you head towards Gramphoo. From Gramphoo you will start noticing a change in terrain with less trees, more steep mountains and the start of a barren landscape. From here we head towards Chatru and cross some of the biggest waterfalls. These can be a nightmare for any non-experienced driver, but you’ll will be in very experienced hands. The terrain will change drastically from Chatru and all you will see is rocks all over with huge streams overflowing on the road and converging in the ruthless Chandra river. We shall take regular halts for you to soak in your surroundings, admire the great landscape and breathe the fresh air. We will take a lunch break at Batal at the famous Chandra Dhaba, where you can meet the famous Chacha and Chachi. They have been a saving grace to at least a few hundred who have been stuck in bad weather over the years.

We head to Kunzum Pass and at Kunzum top you we will stop for you to pay our respects to the Kunzum Goddess and as you enter Spiti valley. The jumpy ride on non-existent roads which started from Gramphoo will end in Lohsar. From Lohsar head to Kaza after a small break. It will take another 2 hours of beautiful journey. Reach Kaza, check-in and enjoy a cup of tea. We shall have a small briefing session at the dinner table. This tiring day will end with you looking at the gorgeous Spitian skies with a million stars the very prominent milky way.

Things to do today: Stop for pics after the Atal Tunnel, breakfast at Chatru, lunch at Batal and meet the famous Chacha and Chachi, stop at Kunzum top, stop in Lohsar for chai


Day 3: Kaza to Key, Khibber, Chicham bridge and back

Start the day easy over a nice local breakfast. We shall head to Kye monastery, the centre of learning in Spiti valley. The monastery is set on a small hill from where you get a complete view of the valley. Have a cup of tea at the monastery and spend some time on the roof from where you can click pictures and videos. Next we shall head to Khibber village, which used to be the highest motor-able village in the world before Komic took that place. The mountains around Khibber are home to the rare Snow Leopard and Siberian Ibex. If you are lucky you can get a sighting. A short hike from Khibber village is Chichum Bridge which is the highest bridge above sea level in Asia. If you are upto it you can hike to the bridge, or even go by car. We head back to Kaza from here just in time for a local style lunch organised by our team. The lunch will have some key dishes and staples of the people of Spiti for you to get a small taste of our cuisine. Today you will also get to meet with a local monk for a small introduction on Buddhism.

Things to do today: Visit Key Monastery and spend time with the monks there, hike to the hill behind Key monastery, visit Khibber village, optional hike to Chicham bridge, Local lunch in Kaza and a short introduction to Buddhism


Day 4: Kaza to Dhankar via Pin Valley and Tabo

After a relaxed breakfast in the morning we will head towards Pin Valley. Pin Valley has become famous as a major starting point for many high altitude wilderness treks in Spiti Valley. You will visit Mudh Village, which is the last village in the valley and Khungri monastery before heading to Tabo. Tabo monastery, also known as the “Ajantas of the Himalayas”, the monastery is more than 1000 years old. Paintings and murals on the walls of the main sanctum makes the monastery a worth visit. For those upto it can hike to the nearby meditation caves in Tabo. Head to your last stop for the day, Dhankar. Dhankar Monastery. Dhankar village used to be the seat of the Spitian King in ancient times. Dhankar monastery, claimed to be 1000 years old, is on the cliff of a mountain over-looking the confluence of Pin and Spiti rivers. Due to the loose soil that is prevalent in cold deserts, Dhankar monastery is an endangered site and being on a cliff it becomes one of the most beautiful monuments in this valley. There can be no better setting of a monument than Dhankar Monastery.
If you are upto it, you can hike to Dhankar lake (source of water to Dhankar village) which is a steep walk of 45 minutes one way. The climb is optional. You can spend some time at the lake and head back before evening to spend some time with your hosts at the homestay.

Things to do today: Visit to Pin valley (mudh and khungri), Tabo village and monastery, hike to meditation caves in Tabo, Dhankar Village and monastery and hike to Dhankar Lake.

Day 5: Dhankar to Kaza via Demul, Komik, Hikkim and Langza

Today you head to the beautiful village of Demul. Demul located at 4300 mtrs is most popular as a stop over village for trekkers doing the Spiti Left Bank Trek. The village is also famous for its efficient system of homestays and popular for its sustainable practices in both living and tourism. After spending the morning in Demul, we head to Komic. Komic is one of the highest motor able villages in the world and from a top the village you can enjoy the spectacular view of snow capped peaks around over a cup of tea. Komic is also home to the Tangyud monastery belonging to people from the Sakya sect of buddhism. The monastery in Komic is functional in winters when temperatures dip down to -30 degrees and roads get blocked and it will be very interesting to understand life and survival of such happy souls at this altitude.Next we visit the world’s highest post office in Hikkim and post a few post cards them. (collect them from us and write them in advance as there is a rush outside the post office most days). Trust us you will be amazed at the post office and meeting the post master. The last stop for the day in Langza, Langza is the 2nd highest motor-able village after Komic and is home to many a fossil. If you are lucky then you are sure find some beautiful fossils while you take a stroll across the village. The famous Langza buddha over looks the village and is a great spot for pictures to take back memories of Spiti.

Things to do today: Visit to Demul Village, Visit Komic Monastery in one of the highest motor able villages in the world, send postcards from the highest post office in Hikkim, Go fossil hunting in Langza.


Day 6: Kaza to Chandrataal via Lohsar and Kunzum Pass

We head towards Chandrataal Lake early in the morning. This is one location where you will find difficult to stop clicking photographs. The lake is a landscape photographer’s dream come true, changing its appearance almost with every passing hour, each shot as stunning as the last one. On the way we make quick stops at Lohsar village (the last village in Spiti Valley) and Kunzum top again to pay your respects to Kunzum Mata.
As Chandrataal is a protected area, the car will stop .5km before the lake and you will have to hike from there. Tonight we camp in style; excellent dome tents set up to protect you from the cold and biting night winds. If you are lucky and the communal fireplace is burning, you can warm up and meet other travellers over dinner

Things to do today: Stop in Lohsar for an early lunch, optional hike to Chandrataal lake from the campsite, parikrama at Chandrataal Lake, camping experience near Chandrataal Lake


Day 7: Chandrataal to Manali via Atal tunnel/Rohtang pass. Trip ends today. 

The last day of your trip has an early start to it. We begin our journey to Manali after an early breakfast. We will take a small break at Batal to say goodbye to Chacha and Chachi at Chandra Dhaba. Say goodbye to your guide at Batal as he will take the bus back to Kaza. The aim is to try and cross Rohtang pass by early afternoon so that you reach in time for your evening bus back home. You can even chose to come back via Atal Tunnel as it will be a quicker option for those who have earlier buses.

Things to do today: Stop in Chatru for Lunch, stop at Rohtang Pass for pictures



*All Transport in a Tempo Traveller from Day 2 to Day 7

*Local Spitian guide on all days. He will return back to Kaza from Batal on Day 7.

*Local, highly experienced driver who knows the route and the sightseeing places

*Stay in hotels/guesthouses from Day 1 till Day 3 and Day 5 on twin sharing basis

*Stay in a homestay on Day 4 as per the layout of the homestay (2/3 people in one room)

*Camping near Chandrataal Lake for 1 night on Day 6 on twin sharing basis

*2 meals on each day (breakfast and dinner) from Day 2 to Day 6 and breakfast on Day 7

*1 local lunch provided on Day 3

*All activities mentioned in the plan

*All entry fees to monasteries in Spiti (if any)


*5% GST

*Meals in Manali

*Lunch, Snacks and beverages (except the ones with meals)

*Any kind of insurance/ emergency/ evacuation cost

*Bus ticket cost to and from Manali

*Camera Fees (if any)

Minimum requirement: The trip runs if we have a minimum of 4 confirmed participants. In the event that we don’t get the requisite numbers we can run with less than 4 participants if participants are willing to pay extra. We will revise the costing according to the no. of participants. Alternatively in the event the trip gets cancelled, we will reimburse the amount paid to the participants minus any minimal bank charges that may have been cut.

Room SharingAll stays in guesthouses will be on a twin sharing basis except for homestays where it will be as per the layout of the homestay i.e 2,3 or 4 people in one room basis the size of the room. Rooms are divided amongst same sex participants which is most comfortable for solo travellers and friends. Only if there is a couple amongst the group will they get to stay together.

Type of participants: Our groups usually have participants between the ages of 20-40 and we have a healthy 50-50 male to female ratio in the group, with friends, couples and solo travellers alike.

Homestays: You shall stay in a homestay for a night where you shall be sharing some space with a local family. It will be a wonderful experience to see the life of people at this altitude and how content they are. Stay and food will be very basic and your host will serve you local cuisine. 

Dry Toilets: Since there is lack of water in cold deserts and carrying water is not easy at such high altitudes. The concept of dry toilets have been prevalent in Spiti since the beginning. In your homestay, you will either get a common bathroom which you will be sharing with your host family or a dry toilet. We can also provide a stool if some people have difficulty squatting but there shall be an extra charge for the same.

Bathing and Hot Water in a Homestay: Since we shall be around 4000 meters, getting hot water for everyone in a homestay will not be possible. Hot water for drinking shall not be an issue but for bathing it will not be possible.